Accounting is the main source of information both monitoring the present and planning the future activity of the company.

We deal with accounting starting from the initial documents up to financial statements, preparation of declarations and submission to the state institutions.

We deal with accounting using our or client’s accounting program. We are experienced in using programs such as Navision, Apskaita, Finvalda and Contour Enterprise.

Accounting services:

  • Accounting of the companies following the Business Accounting Standards or International Accounting Standards;

  • Preparation of financial statements (periodical and annual);

  • Statements for owners according to their needs;

  • Preparation of statements, declarations, reports and other documents and their submission to the state and other institutions;

  • Advice on the issues of methodology and practise of accounting;

  • Representation of the companies on the issues of accounting and taxes in the institutions of financial supervision and others as well as in tax disputes;

  • Other related services.

The accounting, taxation and declaration requirements are increasing each day. New taxes, declarations, plans of consolidated statements, business and taxation appear which require higher qualification and new knowledge from people working on accounting. We constantly seek to provide qualitative services so our company pays much attention to training and qualification of employees. The civil liability for damages to the third parties which appears while performing the activities of accountant or financier is insured. While choosing the audit company the client is insured from the fluctuation of accounting staff.

Our employees at the request of customers have the opportunity to report Sodra on e-signature.